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VoIP Disaster Recovery Features

Dynamic Network Infrastructure Backups

Networks contain large varieties of vendors, infrastructure components and you are adding new hardware every year. You need a backup tool that can adapt to your network as it is built today and how it will grow in the future.

Cisco Collaboration Backup Management

A centralized backup storage for your Cisco Collaboration infrastructure is key but wouldn't it also be beneficial to monitor and receive reports on these backup. Fast easy visibility and access to these backup is a huge plus in times of emergency.

IM Message Archiving and Search Tool

Have you ever needed to search through IM historical records for compliance and oversight? You can now do this easily. VoIP DRS can store and retrieve IM messages flowing within your organization.

SSH Management Proxy Tool (Unique features)

Have you ever wanted to provide temporary management access to a device without sharing sensitive credentials and also maintain logs of management activity and changes being performed by others? Now you can.

Backup Data Center and Cloud Replication

Keep all your backups redundant, reliable and ready for recovery in the most strenuous of circumstances.

Backup Historicals and Email Reporting

Manage your backups with the greatest of ease. Instant overviews of the status of all backups throughout the network. Reports delivered by email so you can have visibility in your Inbox.

Multi-Tenant Features for Service Providers

VAR and Managed Services ready. Create separate isolated access for different user accounts so that multiple organizations can backup to a single VoIP DRS server with separate and secure storage for each account.

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VoIP Disaster Recovery Solutions

VoIP DRS is a cloud and DR storage focused disaster recovery solution that is designed to augment any network environment but has features targeted to provide bold disaster recovery enhancements for Cisco VoIP environments. It is the perfect backup solution for Cisco Unified Communication and Collaboration environments. VoIP DRS is offered as either a virtual appliance or as a cloud service.

VoIP DRS was designed to mimic the actions of a system administrator and automate backup processes that typically require an engineer to preform and rarely get done. Automating backup processes that normally need to be done manually free your admins time to focus on larger tasks.

The solution is directed at gaps that traditional backup solutions do not target.

*** We also offer disaster recovery testing to ensure that you are properly prepared for system failovers and disasters. You would be surprised how many think they are prepared but later find that they are not.

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Virtual Appliance

If you want a self managed, dynamic, feature rich solution that can backup the core VoIP servers as well as switches, routers and other network appliances then this is the solution for you. Deployed as a virtual machine in VMWare, Hyper-V, AWS, and more. Perfect for managed service providers with multi-tenant needs.

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Cloud Solution

If you just want to backup your core VoIP servers quickly and immediately for a low cost then this is the solution for you. Your account is ready to receive backups instantly after setting up an account. Easy to setup, monitor and access. No additional configuration needed to restore as you are restoration ready at all times.

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Backups That Withstand Anything

When you backup your data with our Cloud Solution you have instant geographic redundancy to protect your data from the worst of disasters. When you backup with our Virtual Solution you can easily relay your backups to your data center, a DR site, or to other cloud storage providers using NFS or iSCSI. Alternatively you can relay to other cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive, or Onedrive).