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UC Data Safety

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Cisco Unified Communications backup consolidation and protection
Network hardware configuration backup consolidation and protection
Backup or take snapshots of data far beyond what is found in the configuration alone
Cloud and Data Center redundant backups for ultimate protection

Challenges Resolved

Most products in the Cisco UC product line require the use of an SFTP server as a target for their backups. This is something which many organizations do not have in house. Generally these end up being installed as a tertiary service on a Windows server that has a different primary role or do not get setup at all because the local system administrators would like a better solution than that but cannot find one. If you use a Windows server it requires a license that might be needed elsewhere and regular maintenance. If you want a Linux or Unix server it can be challenging to understand and setup. And once setup, the backups are rarely monitored to ensure they are viable and easily accessible.

Why Use VoIP DRS Solution?

If you desire more comprehensive backup capabilities that will protect your network routers, switches and other network appliances in addition to your core UC servers then this will be a better solution for you. Relaying the backups from your onsite storage to a cloud service or other storage solution is now easy to do. It is highly dynamic allowing you to backup more from your devices than just the configuration such as license keys and any other information that can be gathered via a CLI. Standard deployment is in a VMWare virtual environment. We do custom deployments in other virtual platforms and cloud compute spaces at no additional cost to you.

Why Use VoIP DRS Cloud Service?

A Low Cost Solution to Backup Today.

In the circumstance that you have backups setup locally, chances are they are stored in the same general vicinity as the UC servers. Due to the amount of organizational data loss that can be caused by a major disaster, more and more organizations are interested in a cloud based DR solutions. That is where VoIP DRS comes in. We provide cloud-based security for your Cisco servers in a way that is easy to use. Not only can you use our service to backup directly to the cloud, you can recover your servers in a swift manner by restoring directly as well.


While on the surface it may seem like backups should be a simple task they can be more challenging than expected. The SFTP requirement of many Cisco servers can provide additional challenges. Issues that can arise:

    • Onsite solutions are great if your only issue could ever be the server failing
    • What if the server room catches fire? or a flood? A major concern as our climate changes
    • Storage capacity can sometimes become an issue
    • Availability of the service can be an issue when the service is running as a tertiary service on a server with a different primary role
    • Ciphers can change from server to server and from version to version rendering a backup solution incompatible
    • Regular checks on whether backups are running successfully can be overlooked

Maintenance issues, although relatively minor, require attention to address and often are not addressed. When they are addressed, they are often in a compromised state for a long time before the issues are repaired.

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