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Virtual Appliance

Add a powerful and dynamic backup tool to your network and VoIP environment.

  • Deployed as a virtual machine.
  • Ability to capture backups easily from anywhere within your network
  • Use NFS or iSCSI storage located anywhere within your network, at your data center or in a cloud service
  • Relay backups to iSCSI, NFS, DropBox, Google Drive or OneDrive for easy cloud or data center storage.
  • Backup network device configuration from any CLI configuration capable devices to protect your switches, routers, firewalls, and more! (It can also backup more than just the configuration if you want.)
  • Cisco disaster recovery backups are as easy to restore from as they are to backup to since both operations use the same SFTP storage.

    * We have experts to assist you not only in getting your voice server backup services configured to connect to our SFTP servers but also in connecting to any other configurations needed to bring your backups online.

Cloud SFTP Service

Backup ready cloud services. Restoring from the cloud service is as easy as running a backup to it.

  • Instant access to an SFTP target to backup your core voice servers.
  • 99.999% level of service availability.
  • Simple account setup.
  • Simple server setup.

    * Your servers will require Internet access to the public IP addresses of our SFTP servers to use this service.
  • You are restoration ready at all times.

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Virtual Appliance

If you want a self managed, dynamic, feature rich solution that can backup the core VoIP servers as well as switches, routers and other network appliances then this is the solution for you. Deployed as a virtual machine in VMWare, Hyper-V, AWS, and more. Perfect for managed service providers with multi-tenant needs.

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Cloud Solution

If you just want to backup your core VoIP servers quickly and immediately for a low cost then this is the solution for you. Your account is ready to receive backups instantly after setting up an account. Easy to setup, monitor and access. No additional configuration needed to restore as you are restoration ready at all times.

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